Kilt Hose extravaganza

Julius wanted his hose by the Fair Hill Colonial Games on May 19th. I got them done in less than a week. His were easier than some of the others because his legs are still small and there is no reduction down the back of the leg. I was really well with how well the colors match his tartan. I also made a change to Sadie's socks and duplicated stitched over the black that ran through the purple and made it white. (Not that you can really tell in the picture above.)

The Purple Stewart hose that I made last month were in use on Saturday as well:

And, while I was at the festival I picked up a pound of lovely Romney/Mohair roving. The farmer had yarns and knitted items available, but way in the back were the bags of roving...and he said he almost didn't bring them!


Rocky's socks

The first pair of kilt hose are done for Rocky. His only complaint was that the feet were a little small. Yikes! I'm not sure how hard it would be at this point to try to take them apart and rip out the foot and redo it. He sounded as though he thought they would work but asked me to do the next ones bigger. So here are the pictures:

On the azalea:


In action - I caught one of Rocky while he was changing a sign during the Phoenixville Celtic Fest. Because of how the kilt is pleated, the white stripes are really highlighted in the sock:

Posed - he asked not to have red in the socks so that he could wear these socks could match other kilts: