Hon Fest Prep

On Saturday, a friend and our daughters are heading to Baltimore for the Hon Fest. This is a slightly belated fortieth birthday celebration. At first I wasn't going to do the whole dressing the part thing. I was hoping to find something at the Goodwill that might work, but if I didn't, oh well. But, the more I thought, the more the bug bit. This could really be fun. So, yesterday I went to Joann's and found a vintage pattern and the most perfect fabric (in my opinion) and made this. Today we stopped by a different Joann's and got some fabric for a cute scarf and some flowers and butterflies and things to stick in our hairdos. One more stop to Payless for some black sandals tomorrow and I should be set. I'm hoping Trish has some big earrings and I've located the perfect set of faux pearls for around my neck. Pictures on Monday!

You've got to visit the Hon Fest website to see all the kitsch.


German Heritage Tartan Socks

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Another pair of kilt socks for Rocky. These match his own design German Heritage tartan. All the colors in the tartan are in the hose. I think they are rather striking and are going to look perfect with his kilt (which he didn't have finished the last time I talked to him, so it may be awhile before I snap a picture of the socks with the kilt.)

All my pending kilt socks are now finished, until we decide what tartan Ewan will wear, then I'll get to work on his.