The Kiri Shawl

After 10 months of thinking I was going to keep a craft blog, I finally have my first real post. Well, really it is mostly pictures, but here is the Kiri Shawl with my handspun angora/merino. I love how soft it is and the little haze the angora gives it. I was pleased with the variegation as well. (Is that a word?)

And then my daughter and I tried some dyeing with plants. This yarn was spun with a merino roving treated with alum and dyed in a long goldenrod dyebath. We also did some with a short time in the bath and it is brighter. I wondering what to ply this with. A purple, a green, a blue, maybe something that keeps changing colors?

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Tracey, in MI said...

beautiful Kiri! Spun AND knit... impressive:)