Dress Purple Stewart Hose

They are finished!!! Hooray! I am really happy with how they turned out. They seem to fit well too. I deliver them tomorrow and hope to get a shot with the whole outfit on Saturday at the competition. There were some troubles with the gauge on the first pair. I actually ended up cutting (!) them down to size. The seam is a little bigger than usual on the inside, but that is the only evidence. I didn't notice it when I had them on and neither did the dancer. We'll see what she says after dancing in them for a day.

Here it is on the machine:

And finished!


Clarisse said...

That is an astonishing amount of work and what a terrific job you did! That definitely takes talent, Congratulations on a job well done.

Clarisse >^..^<

dansmom said...

I just finished a pair of muted dress stewart hose for my 16 yr. old. I ended up with a very fine gauge, and my cuff was a bit short as was the length overall. Can I ask what yarn and gauge you used? I used three diamonds around the calf tapering to two at the ankle. I used three strands of 2/20 on my Brother 930 using a separate intarsia carriage.

Kathy said...

Hi Dansmom,

Couldn't find another way to contact you, so I'll leave an answer here.

I started with 3 diamonds around the cuff and that was too much. So, it ended up being about 1 full and 2-.75 diamonds. I also tapered to 2 at the ankle. I used 2 strands of Jaggerspun for the diamonds (either 2/18 or 2/20 weight) and for the marl it was one strand of Jamieson and Smith and 1 of Jaggerspun Superlamb 2/24. The tension was set at 4.1 (that's 4 and one more notch, not sure of the correct term) on the intarsia cartridge. I am using a Brother KH864 standard bed machine. I was surprised to find when I measured the socks that the diamonds around the cuff were a different size than the rest. For my son's I tightened the tension one notch on the cuff. The diamonds for these socks were 4 1/8" wide and 2 3/4 - 3" high (split diamonds were slightly higher).

How long did yours take you?