Wool for the Craft House

I've been doing some dyeing this week and last for the Craft House. There are a couple of spinners that might stop by and a number of Waldorf parents who live in the neighborhood, so I wanted to be ready. I also took some skeins of hand-spun yarn and labeled them for sale. I don't think I'll get more yarn done, but I have a few more batches of roving to dye. Dyeing is so much fun. I love playing with the colors to see how they turn out. Having a background in science I know that I should be keeping a notebook with all the concentrations of dyes and how I mixed the colors, but I'm not. That'll have to be a project when there are more than 24 hours in the day! If they don't sell at the Craft House I might just have to get one of those Etsy shops going.

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