Craft House Reflections

Well, the Craft House has come and gone and it went pretty smoothly. We ended up with four crafters, Trish with doggie treats and gift baskets, Laurie and her daughter with a really nice variety of things like waxed leaf firestarters, sheepy ornaments, knitted scarves, decorated frames, and beaded jewelry. My neighbor, Barb, brought a bunch of crocheted scarves at the last minute. The younger kids had the brownie jars and cocoa stuff and worry doll pins. In addition to the scrubs, salts and lip balms, I finished painting quite a few springerle ornaments, several pin cushions with shrinky dink pins and dyed bunches of roving.

About 7 or so people from town that no one knew stopped by. That was encouraging especially since we didn't do a ton of advertising. At least one expressed that they really liked the idea. A number of friends and neighbors stopped by. That was really key. Looking back the success of something like this depends on frihttp://beta.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifends both their coming and bringing some of their friends. Since I was the only one from Phoenixville, it was overwhelmingly my friends that came. A bigger group of crafters more centered in Phoenixville would have brought more people.

Still, everyone had a pleasant time. The house was filled with friends and laughter. The kids learned a lot (!) and we all managed to make a little money. I personally would really love to do it again in March with spring things and baby things. We'll see. In the meantime, we have lots of scrub and salts and lip balm and if you receive one as a Christmas gift, please don't look on them as leftovers because the intention all along was let's make these for Christmas gifts and make lots extra to try to sell.

And, this picture may make it onto Etsy.com this week as I try out that venue for selling.

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kathy said...

A friend of mine used to do this in Santa Fe. She would host two shows a year. One the first week of December and the other just before Easter, her favorite theme. She developed a mailing list and over time it got to be quite large. She would send out postcards the week before the show. All year long she would mention to people she met that was something she did, did they want to be on the mailing list. The final show I attended before moving was huge! Good luck with it.