Etsy Shop

Well, I'm starting the new year with a new venture. The Etsy shop is up!

Jennie came up for a visit this week and helped me get started. I've since added more pictures and a bio. I've got lots of ideas of things to make, just gotta get busy. I have ideas for the kids too. Well, mainly the oldest, but my nine year old son got a whittling book for Christmas and if he practices we might have some twig roosters and hens to offer. I think Erin could come up with some creative kid kits for Valentine's Day. Fun little things to do with wee ones and all the paper already cut out for you!

All that is in the shop so far is hand-dyed roving. I love playing with color. I think I'll be working on some this week - getting some of the stash dyed so that I can purchase more wool at the PA Farm Show on Saturday! In the meantime, I expect to put some bath salts and lip butters that we made in December into the shop!

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Jennie said...

Kath! It was great to hang out with you and the kiddies last week! Best wishes for your new Etsy shop!