While they danced

I learned how do some Ukrainian embroidery stitches. During the kids Ukrainian dance camp there was an embroidery class for the adults. It was supposed to be 1.5 on three days, but it ended up occurring on four days and basically lasting as long as you were interested. The instructor is a multi-crafter and I hope to learn how to do Pysanky (you know, the eggs) from her as well. She was super nice as were all the rest of the ladies in the class. I learned so much about Ukrainian culture and they were eager to share. A lovely time....now that I'm home, I working on some little bookmarks before I start a shirt for one of the kids.

Oh, yeah, but before I do that, I need to try and turn this into my first kilt. I'm stressing a little bit because the yardage was short and there may not be quite enough!
But, it was a deal, so if not a kilt for the oldest then a pair of trews for the boy or an aboyne skirt and plaid.

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