Dress MacLean of Duart Progress

It's beginning to look like a kilt. The pleats are sew down and since this picture was taken I've basted the whole hem, sewed half the hem and basted some apron edges. Still lots more work to do. Soon I'll be delayed by the fact that I haven't bought hair canvas yet. I know where to get it, but that will entail a trip to Lancaster Co. The details:

Tartan: Dress Maclean of Duart
Length: 2.5 yds, double width cloth (could have used 3!)
Dancer: Erin
Waist 24.25"
Hip 31"
Splits: Waist 12.75" apron, 11.5" pleats
Hip 15" apron, 16" pleats
Length: 24" = 19.5" + 2" rise + 3" hem
Fell: 7 1/6"
Pleated to the stripe: 19 pleats
Pleat width at waist 5/8"
Pleat width at hips 7/8"


When I started the pleats looked like this:
DSCN2480.JPG Obviously a little uneven pleat width and some are off by a thread or two.

By the end of sewing the pleats, they were looking quite a bit better:
I'm trying to resist my perfectionist side and not redo the pleats that are off. From a foot or two away it isn't really noticeable and certainly won't be from stage. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow. Hmm, the more I look, the more I'm thinking rip!

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