The kilt is finished


I'm pretty happy with it for a first attempt and the money invested. But, I am glad I won't have to make another one for awhile (Julius still has a hem to let out and has at least an inch in the waist.) I think Erin is wearing it just a little high in the pictures. There are a few little things that I can see at the top and the waist measurement in the pleats is .5 an inch too big, but all that will be covered by the yet to be finished waistcoat. As soon as the yarn comes in I'll be making her hose to match as well. Now, if she can just hold off on the growing so that the outfit will last her through the rest of Novice and Intermediate!


We are off to a competition near Syracuse this weekend, so she'll have to wait to wear this new outfit until September. I'm shooting for the Green Lane Scottish Festival performance.

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