Has it really been that long?

One day more than 2 months since my last post. Wow!

I have gotten some knitting done. A couple of hats from the current Knitty. Easy, fun, but the one I made for myself I just didn't like on my head. So, I gave it to a friend. She always looks good in hats. I started on Ewan's kilt socks - one is done - I must say, it is gorgeous! This design has one split diamond and the marl colors change as well. Quite a bit of color going on. I made a really contact with a woman on dance.net who may hire me to do a pair of dance hose for her. Plus she gave me some really great information about ordering PV tartan direct from the mill. I want to make up some beginner kilties for the school.

In other news my hard drive is out of commission so I am having to borrow my husband's computer at night. No picture uploading going on for the next few weeks.

I decided not to do Craft House or the Curves craft sale this year. With my father-in-law passing away just over a month ago, I want to make sure that there is lots of time during the season to be with people I care about. I love to craft, but I have enough projects on my plate without adding more and turning the next 6 weeks into a frantic mess. Yes, I love it, but it makes me crazy at the same time. A number of the ladies at Curves asked about Erin's Brownie and Cocoa jars, so it good that she made an impression with them.

The tartan for the next kilt is on order. Julius is going to have the Antarctic tartan. Half the cost of the tartan benefits the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, so it goes to a good cause and it is a great tartan. Julius has always loved the emperor penguin so it has a special meaning for him that it would help them.

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