A quick update on the last half of a year!

I've decided that my reflective life expressed through blogging will move forward both here and on fieldlearning (the homeschooling blog). I hope to use this post to hit on a few highlights, probably without hyperlinks which I will regret not putting in at a later point, but for now, posting without links is better than not posting at all!

I heart Ravelry! - I'm Bonnietoes on Ravelry and I think this is about the coolest web interface software, community thing anywhere! I hope to use it more for cataloging my yarns and keeping track of my projects.

Speaking of Bonnietoes - my kilt hose making venture is going well. I've got a number of orders and a few more people who seem interested. I am enjoying the projects and so far I've spaced them appropriately enough to not feel rushed or under pressure (which would take all the enjoyment out of it!)

Personal knitting - besides a couple of small projects I've made an Aran shrug for myself out of homespun Romney. I am so excited that I actually took this project from roving to garment.

Spinning - I've gotten some lovely rovings at the PA Farm Show from Terry Kunst and Kate Bostek and am having a blast spinning those up. Also working on a website for Kate (http://www.roclans.com) hoping to make some extra money to get a new wheel at MD Sheep and wool.

Hope to have pictures of some of the other projects soon, but for now see me on Ravelry!

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